April / May
SKUE X Renegade:
east coasters
For April and May, we will do our monthly online buying rounds.
In addition we will be on site at SF and NY  and have buyers join us at our booth.

San Francisco  Herbst Pavillion  / Aug 29th
Brooklyn Expo Center / May 20th

All RCF makers past and present are welcome to apply.
What's on the Agenda for April and May:
April 29th-May 10th online buying round to coincide with Renegade SF
May 20th-25th online buying round to coincide with Renegade NY
For SF and NY Renegade shows, we'll feature products from our members.
We've also invited buyers to speak on topics they's specialize in.

Shop/talk WITH buyers

Unconventional Curation
Bethany Vogel
co owner, wolves within
Retail Etiquette
michele varian
owner, michele varian ny
Buying Indie
Grace Kang
owner, pink olive
Experiential Retail
Jill Lindsey,
owner, jill lindsey
Future of Indie Retail
Matt Bissinger
OWNER, Maker and Moss
Starting a Retail Movement
Kerri Lee Johnson
PARTNER, Marion and Rose
Product Development
Lily ChauOwner,
Combining Art + Tech
David Auerbach
Owner, Digital Fix
Growing Big, Staying Small
Wayne Whelan,
Owner, Therapy

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Hello Maker,
Thanks for applying. We’ll review your application and send along an invite code if we currently represent stores that would be a great match for your products. Stay tuned for an email in the next two weeks.

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a FEW FAVE retailers

Katie Gaertner
“ I love hearing stories from artisans and finding a way to tell them visually in my store.” Katie was a buyer for 10 years before starting Whistle.
Angela Tsay
Oakland Supply Co
“ Emerging designers need ideas that are fresh, and need to keep it fresh." says Angela whose stores have grown into retail landmarks in Oakland.
Sylvia Parker
Magpie, NY
"I hope that people will have the foresight to realize that the sustainability movement is essential." Sylvia encourages buying gifts that will preserve the earth for future generations.
Chris Rumell
Redux Studios
Redux Studios is a modern day reuse store with a passion to diligently collect, craft and curate the best well worn upcycled goods and unique, local handiwork.
Nadine Curtis
Nadine not only runs one of the most chic boutiques in Marin, but produces Be Sweet Yarn at her store. with a mission to create "eco-friendly yarn for the fashion-concious"
Zoel Fages
"I need to have a strong gut reaction." says Zoel when looking a products. Zoel worked at the GAP before finding his true calling at Glen Park store, Perch.
David Auerbach
Digital Fix
“Our demographic appreciates good food, good wine, up-and-coming artists and electronics,” says David of his lifestyle  store where technolust meets designer chic.
Giselle Gyalzen
rare device
"Every time we sell a favorite of mine, my heart breaks a little to see it go. But I'm happy it's going to make someone else happy." says Giselle. Awww…:) who runs her two stores in SF.
Matt Bissinger
maker and moss
"I'm always looking for goods that are aesthetically pleasing and a good value regardless of price point." says Matt on his approach to curating products for his Hayes Valley Store.
Wayne Whelan
At the heart of diversity, for Wayne, is one core principle – value, which Wayne defines as “something that tends to look like it’s worth more than what we sell it for.
Candice Matthews
FRONT is a tasting workshop. A destination for purists, artists and designers seeking to reinterpret traditional methods while elevating ingredient and processes.
And More...
Our retailers aren't your typical stockists, they source products but also provide guidance to makers on store readiness, pricing and plain old fashioned support.

2016 Sourcing Rounds

new year new goods
winter kickoff
source week
labor of love
last minute sourcing
off season


march 2016

Wild Flower Holder
by blumestudio
This is a nice, well executed concept, and great for someone who wants to display a few blooms instead of a whole bouquet for a minimalist look, or doesn't want to spend too much time flower-arranging. Having additional ways of displaying or using the same item is a good selling point.
Faceted Nesting Bowls
by Unurth
Maker and Moss
I like the shape and color, however I think the price may be higher than most customers are willing to pay, even understanding they are hand made.
Confetti Bolo Necklaces
by bettyalida
Very pretty--love the intricate detail and handcrafted feel combined with modern color ways. Versatility of the sliding chain also a nice feature. Could also see this selling with just one of the beaded pendants.

february 2016

Talisman Necklace
by Amberelea
Marion and Rose
The porcelain and gold are modern and clean. Consider changing the leather to an adjustable gold chain. This will elevate the pieces making them feel more refined and top quality. The pendants are very beautiful, nice colors.
Hourglass Beads
by Lisa Hunt Creative
Dijital Fix
Love this design!
Moon Versa Clutch
by Shopayk
I love the ombre effect on the leather and the photography is beautifully done. This is a gorgeous clutch. The description doesn't indicate it, but would also be great if there were slots/pockets for credit cards or other small items, for example.


Market Bag
by Krakatoa Design
Alchemy Works
I like the functionality and durability. Sides seem as though small things would fall through the holes but it seems like it would bend to accommodate wider or odd shaped items which is nice.
HalfMoon Wrist Bangles
by Jen Cogliantry Handmade
Paxton Gate
Haven't seen anything like this before. Could be interesting in natural (non-metallic) tones. Would love to know more about the company as well, would increase talk value.
Moon Versa Clutch
by Shopayk
Oakland Supply Co
Classy piece, appreciate the subtle branding. Would be nice to see photos of a well-loved piece dyed in this manner to see how the color changes.

novembeR 2015

Zagbox Fern
by Lowep
Perch sf
Great design and great concept. Love the multi purpose.
Spirits Set
by Gopishah Ceramics
Oakland Supply Co
Would be great if the copitas were more rustic, to go with the appeal of mezcal. They should have a more handmade feel, and maybe even not sit totally flat, or have some unevenness at the lip. Part of the fun would be making sure you don't lose any of the mezcal on the way to your mouth!
Tack Bag
I like the idea of having a tote that converts to a backpack, and also has a sling, which is pretty handy for yoga mats and oversized items like jackets. I'm curious how easy/hard it is to convert from one to another.


Cocoon Kimono
by Mier Luo
Foggy Notion
I think these are really cute, I love the shape. Not too into the colors. We sell incense in the shop, but incense holders sell much better when they have a place to catch the fallen ash, otherwise where would you put them? 
Map Cuffs
by shopjoyo
Knowing your market is key for city specific items. Museum shops can often stock a range of cities no matter where they are located. General gift and specialty stores will focus on the most popular cities or the city they are based in. 
Cocoon Kimono
by Cansu Cansever
I love the pattern on this kimono! Its super beautiful. I would buy it to wear as the top layer on a fall/winter dressy outfit. Very nice item!


Proxi Ring
by Matters of Delight
Nathan and Co
Stunning. A great design with wit and whimsy in a classic silhouette. The rose gold is trend right. Very pretty.
Delft Print Apron
by xnasozi
A beautiful take on the apron. In our shop we always have a hard time selling aprons due to merchandising constraints. We don't have room for a dress form, but aprons tend to get ignored when folded. A well designed tag or belly band helps tremendously.
Tack Bag
I like the glass container, both reusability and shape, and unusual scents. Might be helpful to specify the scents under the fragrance name.


Dynastes Hercules
by Biological Jewels
Paxton Gate
For an objet d'art like this, a special mount (like the wood background it's sitting on) could really finish the piece and help push the purchase decision.
Franceschi Tote
by OxgutHoseCo
It's very cool. Looks smaller than 24" wide. Need to see in person to accurately price.
Super Moon Tank Dress
by Nothing Obvious
Thistle & Clover
I like the idea that you can cut it to your height. So smart.